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Name:Satellizer L. Bridget
Birthdate:Jan 14
Satellizer el Bridget is one of the strongest Pandoras in the Academy. She was formerly ranked the number one second-year Pandora before being demoted to the 2nd rank due to Kazuya's interference during a tournament. Known as the Untouchable Queen for her intense aphephobia, she is feared by the students for her cold and ruthless personality. It is revealed that she transferred to West Genetics from East Genetics after brutally injuring Brooks Levon, a Limiter with a playboy personality who wanted her to become his Pandora. As a result, she was suspended for the entire school year, meaning that Satellizer would have been a third-year student hadn't the incident occurred. Her Genetics uniform is also unique from the others, donning a red dress with gold accents.

Hailing from the United Kingdom, she is a member of the noble el Bridget Family despite being the child of the Head of the family, Howard el Bridget and his mistress, Noelle Alon-Grache. Because of this, she and her mother were hated by her father's wife, Olivia, who later encouraged her son, her younger half-brother, Louis, to mistreat her. However, Louis' mistreatment later turns into sexual abuse and Satellizer was forced to endure it as her mother was terminally ill and didn't want their family situation to worsen. But the abuse ended after her older half-sister, Violet, learned about it and moved her away for her own safety. Upon returning to attend her mother's deathbed, her mother apologized for what she had gone through and told her to never lose and to become stronger than anyone. Her mother's words became her driving force in life, resulting in her severe determination and will. Due to the abuse she suffered, she hates being touched and goes berserk if anyone touches her. Despite her fearsome reputation and ruthlessness in battle, she has a quiet and reserved nature, collecting stuffed animals as well as knitting. She has also been shown to show affection and emotions such as love, this however is rare. She has a penchant for eating hamburgers, and is often seen with a bundle of them whenever she eats lunch.

Despite her low synchronization rate with her Stigma, she was implanted with six of Kazuha's Stigmata before her enrollment into Genetics due to her family's influence. She tends to remove her glasses before a fight despite having myopia since activation of the Volt Texture optimizes the senses including eyesight. Her Volt Weapon, "Nova Blood", is a giant-handled blade.


Genetically-engineered girls with incredible speed and strength. They are capable of materializing their own unique weapons called Volt Weapons. They have a self-regenerating material called Volt Texture that is activated with their Stigmata, which heightens and improves their senses like hearing and eyesight and allows them to make quick clothing changes and repair any damaged clothes. They also have the ability to regenerate lost limbs, though this shortens their lifespan due to rapid cell growth.

Pandora Mode
A powered-up form perform by higher-ranking Pandoras. In the manga, Pandora Mode takes form of a powered armored suit while in the anime, the Pandora have physical changes (silvery-white hair, yellow eyes, and blue rings around their wrists and ankles). Despite the differences, in both versions, Pandoras in Pandora Mode gain increased strength and power as well as having the ability to move in the opponents' freezing grid without aid from a Limiter. The Pandora's Volt Weapon also gains an upgrade while in this state, turning it into a Nova Weapon. Also, it has been stated that Pandoras are forbidden to use Pandora Mode other than in actual combat with a Nova. Despite it's advantages, the downside of Pandora Mode is that Pandoras can only maintain it for three minutes and once the time limit is over, the Pandora will return to her normal but in a severely weakened state, which leaves her vulnerable to attacks.

A special tissue created by reverse-engineering from the Novas that gives powers to Pandoras and Limiters alike.[volume & issue needed] Usually these tissues are implanted into the user's back, but some individuals, like the Aoi siblings, possess a high quantity of Stigma tissue inside their bodies too, giving them special abilities. This is known as a Stigma Body. Due to the fact that Stigma came from the Nova, there is a chance it can take over its user and turn them into a Nova-human hybrid called Nova Form.

Accel Turn
One of the two High-End Skills developed by Kazuha Aoi which increases a Pandora's speed, allowing for quick evasive maneuvers and high-speed attacks. Variations include Double Accel, Triple Accel, and Quadruple Accel, which are used by higher-ranking Pandoras. Some weaknesses for the Accel Turn is that the Pandora is left open for counterattack if she is not quick enough and the lag time between turns; if a Pandora's lag time between turns is too long, she can easily be stopped by a Pandora of greater skill. Satellizer, Arnett, and Cassie are well-known users of this technique, with Cassie being the most skilled.

Tempest Turn
A High-End Skill which allows a Pandora to create four copies of herself and attack simultaneously from all angles. Cleo and Ingrid, as well as Lana and Charles, are proficient users of this technique, with Charles being the most advanced. In this case, she can create up to ten copies of herself with this technique, unlike others who can only create four.

(Reference taken from Freezing Wiki)

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